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In an interview shortly thereafter, Lythgoe hinted at a format where each week's episode is ended with the revelation of the bottom three couples (based on the votes from the previous week) but after all dancers had performed the new week's routines, giving the judges an additional routine to take into account when deciding which dancers (from amongst the bottom three couples) to save and which to send home for that week.

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It was very weird, but I handled it as best I could.I'm dedicated to bringing the latest in video games, entertainment and technology news.Hands down, one of THEE funniest sitcoms in the 90’s was the hit, ‘Martin’.For 5 years, the show brought entertaining characters to life like Martin Payne, Gina Waters and Pamela James.He started using drugs and dating a Tisha look a like from Saved by the Bell named Lark Voorhees.He developed some serious issues joggling a successful movie and TV career but fail relationship wise. Flash forward 15 years into the future, and we can see a pictures of Lark trying to transform herself into a look a like of Tisha proving she had issues that were a result of the failed dating experience with Martin. When Tisha got tired of the harassment, she filed a lawsuit against Fox, Martin and HBO.

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She started having breakdowns and complaining a lot on set.Meanwhile, Martin started abusing drugs and coming to the set high and taking it too far with Tisha.This gave her the excuse she needed to end the show and focus on her music.But if you were hoping there’d be a reunion (the show’s last episode aired in 1997), don’t hold your breath.To give you a brief backstory, in 1996, Tisha Campbell, who we affectionately knew as Gina, filed a lawsuit against Martin Lawrence and the show’s producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assault.As a result of Tisha's relationship with Duane, Martin sexually harassed Tisha in an effort to get her to leave her man.