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Pain Advocacy Coalition is a loose knit collaborative group of patients who live with intractable pain.We are your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family members.Doctors, pharmacists, and other providers have already made drastic cuts in the amount of pain medicine they dispense, with more cuts on the way.” Video Credit: Seth Godin For more information on how to collaborate, consider joining our #Share Our Pain blog to ask questions or leave comments, or join us on Twitter or Facebook. To share content, tap the social media icons on the "Share Menu" found below!Application developers have come up with various apps to help the teachers in the classroom. You should enter the questions and answers into the site and create a game that the students can play.For an expanded look at the issues pain patients across the country are facing check out this recent news report by I-team reporter George Knapp and his fellow reporters courtesy of Las Vegas Now- KLAS-TV-8 report published on December 1, 2017.“Millions of Americans who rely on opioid medications for pain relief are in anguish because of government pressure to reduce prescriptions across the board.i Pad has made the classroom learning experience easier. Over the past few years, use of Skype in the classroom has increased.

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We all share one common bond, we live with chronic pain daily, and many of us use opioids as a treatment modality to help us manage our pain effectively. We are a tribe of individuals who are crowd-sourcing a solution to a common problem impacting our lives via collaborative tools. The medical administration of opioids for analgesia are utilized in tandem with other medical treatments, individualized to the patient’s needs, and are implemented only when other treatments are not successful for relieving pain.

The Pain Advocacy Coalition grassroots movement is dedicated to addressing the “opioid crisis” by: We intend to bring transparency to restrictive policies that are not thought of as patient-centric, but are more accurately described as profit driven.

For a more expansive examination of this complex issue, check out the Pain Advocacy Coalition’s Platform.

These apps are very helpful in interacting with students and their parents. These apps add positive value to the modern education system.

There are lots of tools that are used in classrooms to give students and teachers a rewarding experience.