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We looked up and down the road, circled the area like two concerned sister wives possessed and at one point I thought I saw you strolling towards us in the distance, but quickly realised it could not be you as you are now rocking that seriously cute snatched waist (…the skills of those surgeons in Turkey are unparalled).

Anyway, what is puzzling to me is this; my open letter requested you bring the following:- • Marriage certificate & Wedding Photos • Pay slips showing your yearly salary of at least £24k • 2 x utility bills in his name (I offered to provide water/council tax – you only needed to provide gas/electric) • School letters declaring him as best baby daddy of the year (remember his activeness at parent’s evening) • £4k contribution to legal fees (Judicial review) • Representations challenging the audacity of Elizabeth & her team’s proposal to dry eye steal OUR HUSBAND • British Passport (confirming your INDEFINITE LEAVE STATUS) BASED ON YOUR NON-ATTENDANCE I AM SATISFIED THAT I CAN NOW REASONABLY CONCLUDE YOU ARE NOT (and never have been) IN POSSESSION OF NONE OF THE ABOVE DOCUMENTS.

Because if you were in possession of at least ONE of the documents – you would have TURNED UP -RIGHT? Dancehall appointments (video light has nothing on you) 5.

(did you not appreciate my offer of coffee and fresh cream cakes from the bakery? Boat ride appointments; and last but surely not least; – 6.

) And I should WARN you that OUR HUSBAND is speechless (that’s a first) as he also ponders just like myself and Elizabeth how you could not turn up for your WIFE FOR LIFE appointment (did you forget your title) but yet you frequently turn up for: – 1. Other men’s bed appointments (you little minx) – I would name and shame your outstanding resume, but that my little lovely is probably best left for another day as one thing is certain; -your WIFE FOR LIFESHIP spreads much further than the idiot I married (blame it on the Henny) So, in conclusion; – as you did not turn up with your 50% WIFE FOR LIFESHIP as requested, my 50% WIFE ON PAPERSHIP carried little weight with Elizabeth and her 100% strong team, therefore with regret (NOT) I pass my baton to you and vacate my space of WIFE ON PAPERSHIP (HURRAH!