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This functionality can also be used on a regular LAN, for example to bypass regular UPn P SSDP device discovery in the rare cases it is not available for whatever reason (blocked by a firewall, UDP multicast disabled at the router level, ...).Using Android Bubble UPn P or Bubble UPn P Tether client, you can make your Media Servers from your home local network visible on another LAN to any UPn P AV devices of this LAN (TV, Control Points, ...).Otherwise something is preventing the Internet to connect on the HTTP or HTTPS port. For example, if the public HTTP port is 58050 and the LAN IP Address displayed is When a proxy Media Server is created, a new Media Server with the same name will appear on your LAN with "[proxy]" appended to the name.For example if you have a Media Server named "Awesome" then a new one called "Awesome [proxy]" will appear.If Bubble UPn P Server must handle a new transcode while a GPU transcode is already active, it will fallback to software transcoding for that new transcode. Start the Bubble UPn P Server web config, go into 'Settings Chromecast Transcoding' and tap the 'Peform GPU transcoding test' button.

In that case you would set this setting to "Mobile".

The core of Bubble UPn P Server is a Web Server running on port 58050 by default for HTTP and on port 58051 for HTTPS.

The server must be accessible from the Internet on this port (LAN proxying functionality does not require this).

As long as Bubble UPn P Server is able to discover your Media Server, it can create a proxy Media Server which in turn has more chance to be discovered by UPn P software.

Video showing that feature (courtesy of Stephen Philips) When operating an UPn P AV Renderer, the playlist of audio tracks resides on the Control Point which must remain running for playlist track advance to happen.