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The Romans established posts at Emona (Ljubljana), Poetovio (Ptuj), and Celeia (Celje); and constructed trade and military roads that ran across Slovene territory from Italy to Pannonia.

Auto backdating bank cash contract dealerships fraud rebate

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If you answer “Yes” to any of these, you may be a victim of auto fraud.Read the appropriate sections and consult an attorney if you still believe you were defrauded.Back To Top Another form of fraud is the fraudulent practice of not crediting the full amount of the customer’s downpayment.

Although there are countless forms of auto fraud, this question-and-answer diagnostic covers some of the most common scams experienced by car buyers.

Were you credited for the full amount you paid as a downpayment?

When negotiating with the dealer make sure that the amount of the downpayment is a specific amount that both of you agree upon.

Most reputable finance companies do not allow the dealerships to impose an APR that is more than 3 percentage points over their buy rate.

Back To Top Some auto purchasers are surprised when they get home to discover that they have been charged for accessories or options they never agreed to.