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We have shared wonderful moments, we spent nights and even weekends together…

Dating someone with chronic fatigue syndrome rules of internet dating for women

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When met other guys since that they either got cold feet or would not want to commit.

Then they basically said they liked me but a relationship with me wouldn't work for them because I'm sick. Was devastated as well as confused for a long time.

With both of my husbands we became friends before we began to be romantically involved. keeping an open heart (when I'm not terrified of rejection) and trying to be creative in working around my limitations.

It's been challenging to make and maintain friendships in general but I do my best. My second husband and I have known each other for a long time but with infrequent contact.

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It is not true that No One wants to date the sick girl- as am proof of this!! Do not give up on hope of meeting that special someone- nothing is impossible yet everything is possible in its own perfect time!! Sending super gentle hugs to you, Love Clarita When I started dating my husband the fibro was not an issue, I was waiting tables had tons of energy and a very positive attitude, but I was still bi-polar.One year he answered my Christmas card with a note about his new address, he and his wife had split up a year before, and giving me his email address.It was not lost on me that this was the first time we were both single at the same time . He called to reschedule it (definitely not a date), then an email note from him that seemed flirty (definitely a date), then he was 45 minutes late (definitely not a date), then his arm leaned against mine as we looked at the photos (definitely a date), then he didn't call for a week (definitely not a date).Others have had their hands burnt several times yet never given up on hope plus not only that yet been rewarded in the long run for this.Can barely take care of myself either yet have a caring loving hubby who takes very good care of me!! Super gentle hugs, love Clarita Just found this:-CFS, FM and Dating: A Personal Story By Mary Clark Note: Mary Clark is a pseudonym of a 55 year old woman in our program. She also has migraines, orthostatic intolerance and other medical problems. Her article is based on a message sent to a discussion on dating.Hawiigirl, Firstly a very warm welcome to You plus happy to see you post here!