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I want a more aggressive look but not affecting my driving.What do you guys recommend me U guy have know idea what u r talking about I have an he with stock 31st and it fits a 35 stock with NO RUB and no more Unsafe 35x12.50x16 works just fine logen and for author guy 31-33 r a stock tire wow not no much I have a 2009 h3 base i put a 2.5 inch suspension lift on and im running 35s all day every day.

I go offroading a LOT and have had no rub even fully flexed.

Logans fears are unfounded for a H3, counter to popular belief the H3 is very different from the Canyon/Colorado.

The H3 is actually made up of mostly 1/2 ton equivilent parts.

If you want bigger tires, upgrade BOTH the wheels and tires as a unit.

Use the standard upsize formula to increase the wheel/tire combo by two inches only.