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Linda Mc Gee, 50, a schoolteacher who lives in the Bronx, lost her identical twin, Brenda, who worked as a systems analyst on the 97th floor of the north tower. “Brendalinda.” ’ It was the same for 57-year-old Gary Guja, a physician’s assistant whose identical twin, Geoff, a firefighter, died when the south tower fell.

When they were growing up, Linda and Brenda were known collectively as ‘Brendalinda’. ‘I remember my mother often saying, “I don’t know who did it, but you’re both getting punished now.” ’ Zachary Fletcher, 47, a New York City firefighter who lost his twin Andre, also a firefighter, feels that half of him is missing too.

Ten years on, they are all doing their best to get on with their lives but they still define themselves as twins.

When you spend time with them, you can almost feel the shadow of their missing twin beside them.

In 1994, I made the Bafta-award-winning documentary Silent Twins: Without My Shadow, about identical twins and elective mutes June and Jennifer Gibbons, who committed arson and were sentenced, aged just 19, to an indefinite period inside Broadmoor.

Theirs was an extreme tale of an intense love-hate relationship and a struggle for an individual personality, resolved only by Jennifer’s premature death, aged 30.

in 2016 that marriage did not define their relationship.

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Others felt indivisible from their twins – two halves of a whole.

Dangerous, difficult births Explanations for the biological origins of twins during the Middle Ages realigned the ancient emphasis on the causal strength and quantity of male seed to include the moral behaviour of individuals, the internal environment experienced by fetuses, and the damaging effects of twin pregnancy.

In a very general sense, biological explanations of twinning authored by male philosophers and theologians stressed understandings of sex and gender that gave women a much greater responsibility for the formation and fate of twins.

June struggled to carve a separate identity for herself after she lost her sister.

When Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s commissioning editor for documentaries, asked me earlier this year to make a film about the twins who lost their ‘other halves’ in the attacks on New York’s Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, I accepted without hesitation.