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It's not because we offer crazy incentives that other websites do not, but it is because we have the largest pool of incredibly attractive and fun loving single parents in the UK.

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A recent study by Dr Nancy Petry, an expert on online gambling at the University of Connecticut Health Center, says 65 per cent of internet gamblers are pathologically addicted, and that internet gamblers are "far more likely to be addicted to gambling behaviour than those who frequent real-world casinos". Because you can play online poker all day, every day in your own home, as many students now do.

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I have often used it, being too lazy even to tap the few extra digits to read a proper online encyclopaedia such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica.Among the examples he gives, the one that chilled me most was this 13-year old, named Z, being interviewed on an online "sex magazine" called Nerve: Interviewer: "Have you ever seen any pornography on the internet?"Z: "Obviously." Interviewer: "How old were you when you first saw porn?To take just one small example from Keen’s book: on the fantastically popular videoclip-sharing site called You Tube, a short film was posted last August. But it wasn’t a simple homeshot-video like the ones that normally fill the site.It was, in fact, paid for by Smirnoff to advertise their new product Raw Tea, yet nowhere was this fact mentioned.Magnified across the whole sprawl of the Internet, it is easy to see how truth itself has been made cheap by Web 2.0. If civilised life, and our shared perception of goodness, depends on keeping the division very sharp between truth and falsehood, then it also, surely, depends upon an idea of ownership. Yet teachers in schools, colleges and universities have noted a terrifying rise in what used to be called cheating - with vast screeds of students’ coursework often lifted wholesale from the internet (though much of the material is often riddled with factual errors).