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As required by the 1916 Organic Act, these special places must be managed in a special waya way that allows them to be enjoyed not just by those who are here today, but also by generations that follow.Enjoyment by present and future generations can be assured only if these special places are passed on to them in an unimpaired condition.The additional legislative requirements of ANILCA, although not cited, must also be considered in the interpretation and application of these policies, as must all other applicable legislative requirements.It is especially important that superintendents and other park staff review their parks enabling legislation to determine whether it contains explicit guidance that would prevail over Service-wide policy.Beyond managing the national park system, the National Park Service administers a broad range of programs that serve the conservation and recreation needs of the nation and the world.Examples include the following: National Heritage Areas Program Although these programs operate mainly outside the national parks, they form a vital part of the National Park Service mission.In carrying out this function, the National Park Service, like other federal agencies, develops policy to interpret the ambiguities of the law and to fill in the details left unaddressed by Congress in the statutes.

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This volume of Management Policies focuses exclusively on management of the national park system.

Policy sets the framework and provides direction for all management decisions.

This direction may be general or specific; it may prescribe the process through which decisions are made, how an action is to be accomplished, or the results to be achieved.

The Directives System is designed to provide NPS management and staff with clear and continuously updated information on NPS policy and required and/or recommended actions, as well as any other information that will help them manage parks and programs effectively.

The Management Policies will be revised at appropriate intervals to consolidate Service-wide policy decisions, or to respond to new laws and technologies, new understandings of park resources and the factors that affect them, or changes in American society.