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The coins must have been confined in a purse, though there was no trace of one left, as some of the stones set in the ornaments had fallen out but were found among the coins together with a little stone, since lost probably belonging to some other ornament which had perished.

I had therefore no reason to suppose they had been moved, except by the turf cutter who I fancy cut them out in the middle of his turf which broke as he turned it over and the coins contained in a portion of the broken turf fell back on the spot without his observing them.

As I am researching the Anglo Saxon coins find in Hart called the Crondall Hoard, I come across a name that I am all too familiar with – Lefroy.

The Lefroy’s were a wealthy and influential family in North Hampshire and Jane Austen was good friends with Anne Lefroy who was married to George, the rector of Ashe, a village located two miles away from Jane’s home in Steventon.

I should add that there is a slight appearance of something artificial in the state of the land in which these coins were found.

It seems to be laid up in ridges following one another in curved lines over some extent of ground but I am not all sure that this is not a fanciful supposition.

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When England started to produce her own domestic coinage in the 7th century, Frankish Merovingian coins were still being imported with a quarter of the Crondall hoard containing them.(Blackburn and Grierson 1986, 160) Figure 5 – Coins from the Crondall Hoard Image © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.The Crondall hoard is dated to 650AD or earlier and contains 73 Anglo Saxon coins with 10 distinct types noted.Earlier maps of the 19 In a letter to the Numismatic chronicle dated June 13th 1843, Charles Lefroy recounts how he initially thought he was looking at waistcoat buttons sitting on some upturned turf but on further examination he saw they were gold coins and two jewelled ornaments with chains.The letter can be read in full below: Dear Sir – The coins which you have received from me for the purpose of publication in the Numismatic Chronicle were found by myself in the autumn of 1828 on a heath in the parish of Crondall in Hampshire. The boundary of the counties of Surreycross it in the parish of Crondall, skirting an old encampment, situated on the abrupt point of a hill called “Caesar’s Camp within about a mile of which or a little more on the flat waste below I discovered these coins.In a letter to the in 1843, he describes the area of the find as heathland located within one mile or more of an Iron Age hill fort called “Caesar’s Camp” (near Aldershot.) However, in 1905 the Reverend Charles Drummond Stooks makes reference to the find being at Bourley Bottom which is only ½ a mile to the west of Caesar’s Camp (Stooks 1905, 38) To make things more confusing, historic maps mark the find in modern day Church Crookham, 1.7 mile from Caesar’s camp.